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Other Lady Sketch Projects


Pop Art Style Medicine Cabinet Hand Painted By Lady Sketch

Pop Art Inspired Medicine Cabinet by Lady Sketch (work in progress!)


As a freelance artist I’m prepared to try my hand at pretty much anything. Having had no art training however, I’m the first to admit that my projects have had varying degrees of success over the past 4 years!! I’m also easily bored so rarely stick to one style, and as for the idea of churning out the same items over and over again – you may as well go and buy one from Ikea.


Hand Painted Social Media Pebbles by Lady Sketch

Social Media Pebble Paperweights by Lady Sketch


I spent a long time teaching myself to hand letter, starting with pebbles and then signs, graduating to other customisable items like furniture and items for the home and garden. I moved on to a phase of painstakingly painting big rainbow dot mandalas, inspired by the truly stunning work of Australian artist Elspeth McLean. I then went back to chalkboards, whilst continuing my mural work and beginning to discover mixed media.


Spice Box Hand Lettered By Lady Sketch


I’ve even branched out into design with a range of cushions, stationery, clothing and much more, now available to buy HERE.


For me, my art will likely be a lifelong journey of discovery and amalgamating the things I enjoy the most to hopefully create my own cohesive style.


You can check out the pretty cool stuff I’ve been doing with Mixed Media HERE, and see a gallery of other random Lady Sketch projects below.