As you can see from the images, my murals are lively, vibrant and bold. I take my inspiration from street artists, popular culture and the pop art movement. Everything is drawn and painted by hand, and I use emulsion paint because of the almost limitless colour combinations available to buy, in a convenient tester pot size!


Something I’ve discovered since I began mural work: I just cannot for the life of me manage to stick to a plan. My best inspiration always seems to appear when I’m in full flood. This is fine when I’m working on personal projects and I can go with the flow, but not especially convenient for commissions. I think artists like me are known as ‘freestylers’ and as much as I’ve tried, I can’t seem to stick to the rules!


This isn’t remotely easy when it comes to offering a time frame or pricing structure, let alone working to a brief. Another huge issue for me is my mobility, which has worsened since I’ve been in remission. Many potential customers require an artist who can climb ladders and occasionally scaffolding; lie on tarmac or wedge themselves into awkward spaces, none of which are possible for me.


It is for these reasons that I am unable to accept any more commissions to be done in situ. However, if you like my style and would like something painted that I can take away and work on in my studio with a flexible deadline and plenty of creative leeway, then I’m your gal!


There are always ways around things, and with Mr Sketch being a pallett genius, we are more than happy to create moveable pieces that he can then install in your desired location.


Drop me a message to chat about your requirements.