Chalkboards by Lady Sketch - Adventure Is Calling, So Is Your Dad. Available to buy on a range of proucts now via my Zazzle Store


Ah the humble chalkboard. Or blackboard. Whatever you want to call it. The smell of chalk dust in the classroom, the satisfaction of writing with a fresh stick on a brand new board and the hideousness of the noise if you accidentally caught your nails on it.


Chalkboards By Lady Sketch - Happy Hour Pub Board #SayItWithLadySketch



People have been using these for years as an efficient and economical means of conveying information. There is a timeless elegance to a well put together chalkboard – little wonder that they have never really fallen out of fashion.



Calkboards by Lady Sketch - Hello You practice board #SayItWithLadySketch



I enjoyed learning with basic chalk before moving onto my beloved coloured posca pens. But there is stiff competition out there, and again, being asked for the same thing over and over again began to get repetitive, so I moved on to new challenges.