The Lady Sketch Portfolio.


Since I began Lady Sketch in 2015, I’ve tried to ‘be an artist’ in many different ways, with varying degrees of success! Having never had any formal training, my art journey thus far has been a mad mish-mash of different colours, styles and media. I blame Instagram! Looking back on the (almost) last four years, I see a trail of ideas at various stages of completion, derived from different techniques that have caught my eye.


From pebble painting to bigger, bolder murals; chalk lettering to vibrant festival signage… watercolours, sketching, collage, typography – I’ve had a crack at it all! Whilst adapting and evolving as you go along is a natural part of the process, there comes a time when you need to think about commiting to one discipline and developing your own style.


I’m not at this stage yet… my long term goal is to make ‘art’ that is colourful, expressive, unique and, ultimately, recognisable as ‘mine.’ In the meantime, I’m leaning towards the almost limitless freedom offered by using mixed media. Here is a place where I can make my own rules and combine as many techniques as I want in pursuit of this goal.


You can see where I’ve come from by clicking on the images below. As for where I’m going? I’ll keep you posted…