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I’m ‘Lady Sketch,’ a mixed media artist, born bred and living in the glorious county/duchy (let’s not pull at that thread…) of Cornwall.


I’m also a two-time survivor of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and author of blog ‘Life After Lymphoma – An Irreverent Look At Remission and Commissions.’


You’re probably here after googling cancer and lymphoma blogs, or you’ve stumbled across some Lady Sketch art somewhere out there in cyberspace. Either way, welcome!


Lady Sketch Background


At the very beginning of 2012, I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – quite the mouthful. I’d never even heard of lymphoma before – it sounded to me like something ethereally floaty, like a jelly fish. So you can imagine my shock and fear when I was informed that it is in fact cancer of the lymphatic system.


Long story short ( check out the long version here) I was stage 4B (a clue as to the precarious nature of my situation back then: there is no stage 5). However I was reassured that it was curable and treatable, after a treatment regime that was described to me as ‘a stroll through hell…’


Fast forward nearly 12 months (6 of which were spent navigating my medical tour of the underworld) and I was back there again. This time it was much worse. My relapse in such a short space of time meant that survival odds had plummeted, to a pretty lame 10% chance of coming out the other side…


I’m Cornish however, and we are known for our determination ( the words ‘stubborn tuss’ spring to mind). I informed the consultants that I had absolutely no intention of leaving my 2 children, and mercifully survived to tell the tale.


Lady Sketch Remission


5 years later and I am still in grateful remission. I am also still dealing with the physical and emotional fallout of what happened, whilst cracking on with life and running my small creative business, Lady Sketch, here in sunny North Cornwall.


Since childhood, writing has always been how I’ve made sense of my world, so it was only natural for me to keep that going in the darkest hours of my life. The road to recovery is a winding one however, and it has taken me this long to dust off the old diaries, re-digest the contents and put them into some sort of blog-worthy order.


But, in the interests of not descending into deep depression, I will also be writing about my adventures in mixed media art, life here in Cornwall and running my small business. Having always loved colour and art, I was discouraged from taking it any further at age 16, when my GCSE teacher told me I had plenty of enthusiasm but no talent to back it up. Always nice to have your aspirations shot down in flames at such a tender age, especially when art itself is so subjective, but being young and impressionable, I took her at her word.


This all changed in recent years, and I found art to be an incredibly theraputic part of my recovery process when I founded Who Gives A Rock back in 2014. I’m now taking things up a notch and making it my living via Lady Sketch.


Lady Sketch Commissions


I love working with words, typography and colour, so Lady Sketch is pretty much all about that. I’ve previously worked on interior and exterior murals, hand lettered chalkboards,  and custom made signage .


Currently, I’m working on a quirky range of colourfully worded stationery, clothing, home decor and more. Basically, when you don’t have the words to express what you want to say, Lady Sketch has got you covered. This ever expanding range is now available to buy in my shop.  When I can find the time, I also enjoy dabbling in the wonderful world of Mixed Media Art and Collage.


I’ve been lucky enough to create some beautiful commissions since Lady Sketch began – you can see some of them here.


If you would like to order something bespoke, please do contact me to discuss your requirements. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find a back catalogue of my work on Pinterest. Also, keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for discounts and freebies.


Lady Sketch Blog


If you remain unimpressed by my doodles however, you could check out the Life After Lymphoma blog. It’s not all doom and gloom, but, full disclosure, there is a fair bit of swearing…


I’m a proper chatterbox and big on empathy, so feel free to drop me a message or leave me a comment. Meeting other people walking the cancer path is always a privilege and I love to hear about your experiences  – I will reply whenever I can.


Here’s to your health and mine


Lady Sketch

4 thoughts on “About

  1. bernie says:

    I was sat in my house last weekend. I’d just popped out to forage some tortoise food and had found a painted pebble.
    Talk about nostalgic.
    I hadn’t been out walking as much as I used to when I used to take Hope out in the buggy and scour Truro for your rocks. I’ve started doing a lot of voluntary stuff and community work which will lead somewhere with this story in due course….! My friends daughter Amy was staying at mine , actually she’doesn’t spent hours colouring in my daughters massive cardboard Wendy houses with her!
    I showed Hope my pebble find and Amy became very animated and said she had one…. so we had a look on your FB page for WGAR and low and behold , it was one of your first pebbles. We still have ours all around the garden, they’ve lasted well.

    I attended a community meeting the other day and a lady from another residents group in Rosedale says she is painting rocks with kids all the time , they love it… Malabar Rocks is another one, and Truro Rocks and Kernow rocks and I’m sure there’s dozens more.

    Lady Sketch your beautiful gesture, in giving something back, even though you were finding your life a real battle, has left a really lovely legacy and hundreds of kids and families are really getting a buzz out of the craze you shared here in Kernow.

    I hope you are coping with your health OK right now. I just wanted you to know that and send my love cos we havent chatted in ages!

    Take care lovely Lady ,
    All the best to you and yours xx

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